A Washington native, Romanick earned his Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy at Washington State University, studying with Dr. Jeffrey Savage and Dr. Karen Savage. After completing his Master’s degree in piano performance at Northwestern University, studying with Alan Chow, Romanick returned to the Seattle area to earn his Doctorate of Musical Arts from University of Washington, where he studied with Dr. Robin McCabe. His thesis, Dictators and their Puppets: Musicians who advocated for musical integrity in twentieth-century regimes, explored the difficult relationships between composers and dictators in Germany, Russia, and China. 

As a collaborative pianist, Romanick has extensive experience with a wide variety of ensembles. He has performed in over 30 collaborative instrumental and vocal recitals, and four opera productions at University of Washington. Romanick was a rehearsal pianist for Northwest Operas in Schools Etc. (NOISE) in Seattle, the Canto summer voice festival in Louisville, Pacific Northwest Opera, and Music in the Marche in Mondavio, Italy. He performed with Broadway’s Zachary James in the 2019 Hoku Concert Series in Kona, Hawaii. He is adept at piano, harpsichord, and organ collaborative performance and is skilled as a vocal coach and leading ensembles.

Romanick is an impressive performer with a breadth of stylistic experience. In his doctorate, he presented three solo recitals, including a lecture recital of twentieth-century contemporary works. In 2014, he was a finalist in the Northwestern University Concerto Competition. In 2013, he performed in Gijón, Spain in the prestigious Gijón International Piano Festival. In 2010, he won the MusicFest Northwest Concerto Competition, performing in the iconic Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane, Washington. Romanick has worked with renowned pianists in master classes, such as Angela Cheng, Jonathan Feldman, Margo Garrett, and Lowell Liebermann.

Not only is Romanick a performer, but he is a seasoned teacher. He has taught piano lessons in both private and classroom settings for ten years and is equipped for all levels of pianists, from beginner to collegiate students.

Currently, Romanick works as a staff accompanist at University of Washington and Seattle Pacific University. He has an active studio at Puget Sounds Piano School and is a vocal coach in the Seattle area.

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Photo credit:  Findae Photography